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Only Suitable for Vehicles 1990 onwards

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empty Performance Intercooler

To Fit: Petrol turbo Models

  • S60 from 2001 to 2009
  • V70II from 2000 to 2008
  • S80 from 1999 to 2006
  • XC70 2001-2007

This performance intercooler is developed by do88 to replace the original / OEM intercooler and gives a true performance gain without the need for rebuilding the whole car!

This intercooler fits all Volvo S60 / V70 / XC70 / S80 turbo models with or without sensor on the intercooler outlet as it has a mounting plate but also includes a block off plate that will be used only on cars without a sensor mounted on the intercooler outlet.

Significant advantages with do88 performance intercooler against (OEM intercooler):

  1. Core volume: 13068cm3 (8659cm3), do88 is 51% larger!
  2. Air flow at 0,15bar/2,18psi pressure drop: 319CFM (272CFM), do88 17% higher
  3. Post intercooler air temperature at same conditions: 30°C (54°C), - do88 24°C lower!

do88 performance intercoolers are an all aluminium construction with CAD designed, flow optimised cast end tanks and optimised core design to achieve best possible cooling efficiency combined with lowest possible pressure drop.

The OEM intercooler was designed for the power level the car was built with and a power increase or even very hard use of the car with a standard intercooler may mean that the OEM intercooler does not have the performance required. So after a software tune the do88 performance intercooler will give a great performance increase over the OEM intercooler.

The OEM intercooler has plastic tanks that often do not cope with higher boost levels very well so the do88 performance intercooler will also add reliability.

A common misunderstanding is that an intercooler installed in this position cannot provide good performance and a front mounted intercooler / FMIC would be much better. But actually the do88 performance intercooler are far better than most FMIC installations where only a core with small front surface are possible to install and often also installed partially behind the bumper beam which will reduce cooling capacity even further and often cooling below the OEM intercooler are achieved.

do88 performance intercooler installs into the original position with original fastenings. The do88 performance intercooler comes with all hardware necessary for installation.

NOTE! When installing this performance intercooler on a S60 R / V70 R the small auxiliary intercooler needs to be removed as it no longer will be used. On R-models the centre bumper grille is a part of this auxiliary intercooler. This means when you remove the original part you will have to install a new mesh in this opening. You don't have to install a mesh, but if you don't do this the bumper intake hole will just be open onto the AC-condenser and it may suffer damage from road debris or stones whilst driving.

Please note, product lead time before despatch 5-7 days

DO88 reference ICM-160, Equivalent Genuine Volvo parts number 8649471, 8671694, 8683169, 31274554 (for cross reference only) DO88 ref ICM-160

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