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Nivomat to Standard Damper Conmversion Kit. with Heavy Duty Rear Springs

To Fit: Volvo XC70 inc V70XC 2000-2007 AWD models - (phase 2 shape)

This kit enables you to change from the expensive self levelling shocks (Nivomat) to standard shock absorbers and springs for less than the cost of replacing one nivomat shock! 

Kit contains aftermarket sourced parts :

  • 2 x Rear Shock Absorbers.
  • 2 x Heavy Duty Rated Rear Coil Springs.

*Unfortunately this kit is not suitable for some XC70 models 2005-2007 if fitted with optional 4C electronically controlled dampers. (These models have 4c suspension setting control button on centre dash area)
If you do have 4c, then the only option is to renew the same genuine parts from Volvo.

When you remove the Niovmat self levelling dampers, the rear suspension will just be compressed down when under load like any other car.

Please read this information on choosing the right kit:

If you are considering making this conversion to remove the Nivomat function we recommend that you choose the best kit based on your type of use of the car . It needs to be taken into account that Nivomat self levelling is fitted as standard by Volvo on all XC70 models sold in the UK as it is extremely good as it keeps the rear of the car level under load for example when towing but unfortunately cost prohibitive when it comes to the time it needs replacing.

-If you tow with the car, or regularly carry a full load of passengers and/or luggage then we recommend to go for the heavy duty springs option kit. These are stiffer than standard springs, but do not effect the unloaded ride height.

-If you just use the car normally and occasionally might have a full load in your car then the standard springs will work well for you.

Making this conversion will not result in any direct issues, as models sold outside of Europe in markets such as the USA and Australia only had Nivomat available as an extra cost option, so the majority of cars there do not have Nivomat, and hence we know it is ok to convert your car back to standard suspension.

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