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To accurately identify manufacturer specified vehicle model year (which can frequently be different to year of registration), please enter your 17 digit (vehicle identification number) VIN or Chassis number below. This number is generally located at the base of the windscreen, or on the vehicle documents.

Only Suitable for Vehicles 1990 onwards

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A range of Osram, Phillips and Lucas bulb & fuse kits including Blue Lighting, Premium Xenon, Silver Star, Silver Vision and All Weather bulbs at discounted prices. Scientifically it has been proven that as we get older we need more light to drive safely. For example a 40 year old needs twice as much light as a 20 year old; even more so when driving at high speed.

Volvo Fitting guide: Halogen Bulb fitments:

  • 850 1994 to 1997: Main Beam and Dip H1. Foglamp H3.
  • S70/V70 1998 to 2000: Main Beam and Dip H7. Foglamp H1.
  • C70 1998 to 2002: Main Beam and Dip H7. Foglamp H1.
  • V70 2001 to 2003 (Without HID): Main Beam 9005. Dip H7. Foglamp H1.
  • V70 2004 only (Without HID): Main Beam 9005. Dip H7. Foglamp H3.
  • S40/V40 1996 to 2000: Main Beam H4 or H7 Foglamp H3
  • S40/V40 2000 to 2004: Main Beam and Dip H7. Foglamp H3
  • S60 2000 to 2003 (Without HID): Main Beam 9005. Dip H7. Foglamp H1.
  • S60 2004 only (Without HID): Main Beam 9005. Dip H7. Foglamp H3.
  • S80: Main Beam and Dip H7. Foglamp H1.
  • XC90 2003-2014 Halogen dip beam H7 Foglamp H1
  • S40/V50/C30/C70II 2004-2007 Dip Beam H7 Foglamp
  • S40/V50/C30/C70II 2008-2013 Dip Beam H7 Foglamp H8 (except cars with DRL lights in foglight 2012-2013
  • S80II 2007 on Dip Beam H7 Foglight H8
  • V70III/XC70II 2008 on Dip Beam H7 Foglight H8
  • XC60 2009 on Dip Beam H7 Foglight H8
  • S60II/V60 2011 on Dip Beam H7
  • NewV40/V40cc Dip Beam H7 Vehicles with Xenon Headlights,

Please see listing details for D1S,D2S,D2R as fitments vary depending on active/non active ligts.


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